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Professional Training

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Professional Training

Key Features:
  • Keep companies ahead or at-least parallel to their competitor
  • Develop, update, advance the skills and efficiencies of employee and maximize team output
  • Aware and gain latest technology and techniques practice in industry
  • Aware and eliminate weaknesses and skill gaps
  • Increase job satisfaction levels in employees
  • Provide internal promotion opportunities
  • Value adding Attraction and retention tool for new and old employee like paycheque, incentive and bonus
  • Create Common understanding and work desk Sharing, protect company from tough time and sudden surprises upon leaving employee unexpectedly.
  Where can we assist you in through our training programs?
  • Project Planning and scheduling
  • Cost Control Management
  Project Planning and scheduling:
Planning & Scheduling is an assessment and preparation for future conditions and techniques to complete a pre-defined scope within its time frame. Additionally other than uncertain conditions like natural calamity/big accident/financial crisis etc, if actual execution has variation of more than ±10% from planned, it means either planning team or execution team is lacked by information or perfection. Our Training on “Planning & Scheduling” includes but not limited to:
  • Team planning and scheduling instead of individual plans and schedules
  • Major consideration and counts in successful planning and scheduling
  • Critical path analysis
  • Impact of planning and scheduling on your area instead
  • Safety & Quality issues in planning
  • Type of WBS and its role
  • Engineering & Design Planning & Scheduling
  • Procurement planning & Scheduling
  • Construction and Installation Planning & Scheduling
  • Material Inspection and QA/QC planning and scheduling
  • Synchronizing planning and scheduling with client processing system and procedures
  • Educating and Transformation sense, approach and methodology of planning and scheduling to each project team member
  • Recovery & acceleration planning and scheduling
Cost Control Management:
Cost control tools are very different according to the place of controller. At execution face, in our role experience, COST can  effectively control by required awareness and  smart grip over quality, scope of work, scope of engineering options, waste control and rework management, transparent information flow, EOT documentation and healthy money clearance procedures with proper planning and check list structure. We cannot control the ball in air once a bad shot has been played. Also cost control is NOT cost cutting but saving and generating revenue” Our Training on “Cost Control Management” includes but not limited to:
  • Concept of healthy Cost Control Management
  • Traditional Vs. Advance Cost control Tools and techniques
  • Create an atmosphere where each member of project/organization is a cost controller
  • Trim attractive but unnecessary procedures in organization
  • Effective and easy Cost coding matrix
  • Developing Master, WBS, Activity, Resource, Annual and periodic budget
  • Allocating Master, WBS, Activity, Annual and periodic Cost
  • Effective cost control techniques
  • Early identification of deviation from cost budget
  • Zero-base, activity based, and kaizen approaches to budgeting
  • Essence of control systems
  • Develop flexible budgets for evaluating short-term financial performance
  • Identify different cost control and saving measures
  • Measure and evaluate performance
  • Cost hierarchy & Cost drivers
  • Role of Finance department in cost control
Who avail our services?
General Contractors/ Sub Contractors

What is our Rates?
Our rates are INR 700/ hours  

Why should you hire our Construction project audit service?
In today’s litigious environment, proper training can ensure a profitable, timely project. More than ever, we realize the importance of being prepared and up-to-date on the latest techniques to enable your success. Vartica provides professional and management training to direct and indirect team involve in project to help them learn or enhance a range of skills. Our staffs have conducted numerous training programs and seminars that gave our clients the knowledge they needed to more effectively execute complex projects
Having specific and strong control over project cost and completion time assures good profitability and successful achievement of other project objectives. We provide training covers specific or entire program and construction process – from pre-design through project delivery and closeout. Our training make projects more efficient, controlling costs, schedules, and work scope without compromising quality
Despite the initial monetary costs, staff training pays back your investment. Here are just some of the reasons to take on development initiatives:
Learning and upgrading employee skills makes business sense. It starts from day one, and becomes successive as your employees grow. Granted, it may take some time to see a return on your investment, but the long-term gains associated with employee training make a difference. The short-term expense of a training program ensures you keep qualified and productive workers who will help your company succeed. That’s an investment you can take to the bank.

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