Project Management

Key Features:

►         Can use our complete project management team working for them without hiring them.
►         Give direct task to our management team members like your own team.
►         Can use our full project management services or specific professional(s), as per your specific need
►         Can add our complete or required team in their organization chart and can increase their working capabilities.

Where can we assist you in Contractor’s Project Management?

A- Total Project Management:
Here we manage all the activities from Pre-Bidding to Commissioning/Handing over the projects on behalf of you.

B- Customized Contractor’s Project Management?
Here we can provide services as per your specific requirement in managing projects including but not limited as follows
►         Bidding & Tendering
►         Technical Submissions and Approvals
►         Drawings preparation, Submissions and Approvals
►         Procurement & Material Engineering
►         Contractual (General/ Third party) Documents submissions
►         Project Planning & Scheduling
►         Invoice Preparations, submission and follow-ups
►         Client/subcontractor Correspondence
►         Sub contractor Management
►         Team/Sub-contractor/Client Coordination
►         Cost & Time Control Management
►         Internal Cost Audit

Why should you take our Contractor’s Project Management Service?

With Vartica, You can have full employ/ professional team just at around 20% cost and can save 80% overhead expenses.

Hiring and keeping complete management team required is spacious and expensive liability specially when you have no enough projects or when you are starting your business. With Our Project Management service keep you stress free and protection against over expensive then earning, because under our service you need to pay only when take work from team unlike your in-house employee who you have to pay team even if you don’t have work for them

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