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Online Project Planning & Scheduling

Key Features:
  • Instant Daily/ weekly/Monthly update, changes in project Schedule based on site daily/Weekly/Monthly progress report along with forecasting & alerts of gives you feel like our Planner/scheduler is working in your own office
  • Our Planner/ Scheduler is with you on Skype like your in-house Planner/ Scheduler to understand and explain you, just over a phone call
  • Planning/scheduling on Primavera and MS Project software
Our “Online Planning & Scheduling” services include but not limited to:
  • Master/ Base line Planning/ Scheduling of level 1, 2,3 & 4 of overall project(s) or of individual WBS and Milestones, along with synchronizing as per client processing system
  • Detail Planning/ Scheduling(level 4 & 5) of Design/Engineering, Procurement, Construction/Installation, Commissioning and Handling over and synchronization with master/ base line schedule
  • Critical Path analysis and Network charts
  • Detail and Separate Planning/ scheduling of Direct & Indirect resources Viz. Material, Plant, skilled & unskilled Labour, Technical staff, engineering staff, Management staff and supportive staff) and
  • synchronization with Master/ base line schedule
  • Sub contractors scheduling as per Master/ base line schedule.
  • Material inspection and Quality test scheduling as per QA/QC requirements and Master/ Base line Schedule.
  • Updating all above schedules based on actual and new commitments and forecasting
  • Revised Planning/Scheduling with effects of Variation Orders, change orders and client delays.
  • Acceleration Planning & Scheduling
  • Recovery planning/ scheduling without effecting the master/ base line schedule completion dates.
  • Cash flow for above schedule.
  • Planned Vs Actual for progress and forecast
  • Other Planning & scheduling as and when required by client/ management
  • Schedule delay analysis of project required for claims and internal learning.
Who avail our services?
General Contractors/ Sub Contractors
Architects/ Engineers

What is our Rates?
Our rates are INR 300/ hours.

Why should you hire our online Planning & scheduling service?
In some cases of the contractors do not have use of full time planner & scheduler or in some cases contractor budget don’t allow to hire a full time planner and engineer so they either skip the role of planner/scheduler or allot this responsibility to other engineering staff.
Having no planner/ scheduler over a project cause delays, profit reduction and even financial losses along with the losing reputation in industry. Hence it is strongly recommended to have an eye of planner/ scheduler over a project.
In some cases due to over work load planned/ scheduler are forced by circumstances to skip some important planning, analysis, scheduling and monitoring which ultimately leads to either hidden losses or unrecoverable losses.
Whatever the case may be, Vartica provides assistant as Online Planning & scheduling service to support you in filling this void. Our Planner/ scheduler assist you, to be aware about each and every move of your project. They issue you alerts, forecast and other specific notice(s) to keep you update.
They suggest you the corrective actions upon delays. They timely inform your who should carry the liability of past, current and upcoming delays and assist you to achieve timely project completion with good profit margin
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